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Search engine optimization (SEO) means developing web content that ranks highly on popular search engines, especially Google. If you consider SEO when you’re building or updating your website, your company’s online visibility will soar.

Types of SEO

Organic SEO: Organic SEO refers to including relevant content on your website, incorporating appropriate keywords, using meta tags, and utilizing other proven SEO strategies to rank highly on popular search engines.

Paid SEO: If you select paid SEO, you’ll pay to get your company placed at the top of relevant search engine results. One example of this is pay-per-click advertising. If you use this strategy, you’ll create an ad with high visibility, and you’ll pay the publisher (often Google or Facebook) every time someone interacts with it.

Benefits of Organic SEO

  • Organic SEO is cheaper than paid SEO.
    Organic SEO isn’t free. You’ll probably still need to pay a professional to help you implement the techniques. Despite this, it still usually works out to be less costly than paid SEO.
  • Organic listings represent industry authority to potential customers.
    When people see the “ad” designation next to a company on Google, they know that company paid to be first on the list. For some, this makes those companies less credible than those near the top without that “ad” designation.
  • Organic SEO allows you to meet your potential customers where they are.
    If you use organic SEO strategies, you can design content that targets people wherever they are in the sales funnel.

Pros of Paid SEO

  • Paid SEO delivers rapid results.
    You might know within hours whether your paid SEO strategy will work. Organic SEO strategies can take weeks to see results.
  • Paid SEO ads are listed at the top of the search page.
    Customers will see your ad first! It will even appear above organic listings.
  • Paid SEO is an effective way to advertise limited-time offers.
    With a quick search, paid SEO lets your customers see your business’s current promotions. When designed well, the customer doesn’t need to dig around on your website to get this information!

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