Logo and Icon Development

If you believe you have a great name for your organization, wait until you see what an equally great logo or icon can do to increase the impact of that all-important first impression on your audience. YourBrand specializes in designing images that stand out in a marketplace cluttered with names and images. Working with the key people in your organization, our designers provide you with a variety of icon and logo options from which to choose. Here is how the process of logo and icon development works at YourBrand.

We take the time to get to know you

Creation of a logo or icon consistent with a company’s brand begins with us getting to know you. YourBrand begins its relationship with a client by asking for completion of a detailed questionnaire. The questions are designed to provide us with information about your company, its marketplace and about the target audience you want to reach with your brand’s message. Some of the topics covered by the questionnaire include:

  • Details about your company’s products and services
  • The needs and concerns motivating your target audience to contact you
  • Motivation driving your customers to actually purchase your product
  • Information about your competition
  • Asking you to compare your company with your competitors
  • Identifying elements of competitors’ logos and icons you believe attract or deter customers

We analyze the responses you give us to identify your company’s values and culture. Our design team incorporates as much of this into the logo or icon to create a design that is uniquely your own.

It’s surprising how much your customers can tell us about you

Whether you audience is composed of consumers or you sell in the B2B markets, the ultimate target of an icon or a logo is the customer. Finding out what your target audience thinks about your company and its products influences the design of the logo or icon YourBrand creates to reach them.

Customers are also a great source of information about your competition. Listening to what your customers have to say about the competition can tell you what other companies are doing to send their message into the marketplace and allow for development of an icon or logo that does not get lost in the clutter of symbols and trademarks already in use.

Logo and icon marketing strategies

Designers at YourBrand work closely with the marketing people within your organization to ensure that the logo or icon we develop for you works with all marketing and advertising formats. Our design team can make changes to any suggested logo or icon to make it work with your marketing and advertising strategies.

Creation of a memorable logo or icon to work seamlessly with your brand strategy begins by contacting the logo and icon development professionals at YourBrand.