Digital Brand Strategy

Digital Branding, is a brand communication strategy that is implemented with the use of the internet and digital marketing to enhance a brand’s attributes, establish their presence and promote the brand via certain digital platforms such as the internet, mobile applications, digital media content, and social media.

Your company’s online presence is the premier mode by which most potential customers will learn about and interact with your brand. Digital branding let’s you zero-in on your audience by targeting specific customer groups through the online platforms they use most frequently.

If you are in business and want to grow and be successful, gaining an advantage over your competitors should be one of your primary goals. Building a brand for either your business or the products and services it offers should be the focus of the marketing and advertising strategies you utilize to propel you to the forefront in your marketplace. The cornerstone to building your brand is the domain name you attach to it, but YourBrand knows there is more to it than merely picking a name and hoping it catches on with potential consumers.

Taking advantage of branding services

The launch of a new website or the rebranding of an existing site requires research and strategic planning to make it a success. Branding services necessary for a successful branding or rebranding include:

  • Locating a memorable name
  • Researching and evaluating consumer reaction to the proposed name
  • Logo and website designs to maximize recognition of the brand
  • Checking for domestic and international trademark conflicts
  • Evaluating cultural and language issues, if any, related to the name

You want the name you choose for your website to immediately communicate your company’s message and other brand identifiers to your audience. It has to catch their attention and hold it to ensure the brand recognition will turn the leads it generates into actual consumers of your goods and services.

Making names stick in the minds of your target audience

Memorable names do not happen by chance. YourBrand begins the naming process by getting to know as much about your business or organization as possible. Knowing who you are and what you do is essential to the recommendations we make for domain names for your business.

Our questionnaire asks you for information about your products and services, the marketplace in which you do business and your competitors. This insight allows us to research names that are consistent with the brand strategy developed for your business.

Researching and evaluating names

The old adage that you cannot be all things to all people applies to strategic branding. If you offer high-end products or services, you want to target and attract consumers that can appreciate and afford what you are offering. The domain name should be consistent with this instead of attempting to appeal to more economy-minded consumers.

The branding services offered by YourBrand ensure that your domain name conveys a message to your target audience that is consistent with your brand strategy. This is accomplished through research and name analysis using the information we gather about your business and the competitors in your marketplace.

Trademark conflicts can halt you in your tracks

Today’s business world knows no boundaries. The internet has made it possible for even small businesses to cross international borders to reach out to target audiences of consumers around the world. An essential element of branding services is to ensure that the domain names you consider for your business will be free of conflicts domestically and internationally.

YourBrand routinely checks all recommended names for domestic trademark conflicts. When you know that your business will be venturing into international markets, we can also screen the names for conflicts in the countries in which you anticipate doing business.

Creativity prevails in advancing the brand represented by a name

YourBrand can offer you a logo or website design that promotes and advances the brand recognition of the name you choose. Our team of creative web design experts works with you to develop the colors, designs, graphics and textual content that engages your audience on social media, through applications, in print or online advertising, or in any format or platform in which it appears.

Optimizing strategic branding benefits your business

Branding services should focus on the message you wish to convey about your organization or about its specific services and products. YourBrand spends a great deal of time reviewing and evaluating your current marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns to identify how to make them more successful in building brand equity with your customers and with the people working within your company or organization.

Too many business owners focus their attention on choosing a domain name and developing a branding strategy to appeal to existing customers and to target potential consumers without regard to getting management and employees within their own organizations to buy into it. Engaging consumers and getting them to accept your branding efforts must begin with educating the people within your company about the strengths and value of your brand in order to promote it successfully to an audience outside of your organization.

YourBrand has the branding services you need

YourBrand has the creative, technical and trademark experts any business or professional organization needs to build and execute an effective brand strategy. From researching and recommending domain names to name acquisition and implementation, YourBrand does it all.