Digital Brand Consulting

Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to get a new startup venture off the ground or the owner of an established business trying to get a bigger share of your market, there are enough tasks making demands on your time each day without the search for a new domain name being added to the list. Too many websites offering domain names force you to go through page after page of available domain names.

We do the work while you focus on your business

At YourBrand, we think you have better things to do with your time than search through hundreds and hundreds of domain names. Nothing is more frustrating than spending your time scrolling through a website to find the perfect domain only to find out it is already in use or not for sale.

We take the uncertainty out of the process of acquiring a new domain name. All we ask from you is that you complete a questionnaire about your enterprise, its products and its services. The information you give is reviewed by one of our team of domain name and branding experts who goes over it with you to ensure that we have a complete understanding of who you are and what you want your domain name to say about you.

We narrow the search for you

Armed with the knowledge we have about your company and about your competitors that we got from your questionnaire, our expert staff search for the 10 available domain names that we believe best fit with what you want to accomplish. The list includes notes about why we believe each name meets the criteria for the branding and marketing strategy you wish to execute for your business.

Some of the domains come with proposed logo designs to help you to see how the names could work with your marketing and advertising. We also provide you with information about past or current uses of similar names, so you can weigh that as a factor in deciding whether to choose a particular name.

We never want you to settle on a name

Just because we think the 10 names on the list are right for your business does not mean that you have to settle on one of them. YourBrand simplifies the process of choosing a domain name, but we don’t want you to be limited in your choices. If none of the names on the list stand out for you, we’ll refocus our efforts and find 10 more names for you.