Brand Engagement

Brand engagement is the process businesses use to encourage the formation of an emotional attachment between a consumer and a brand. We show you how brand engagement begins with your employees. Because branding is more than marketing and advertising, our brand professionals work with you and your employees to build internal and external connections to make your brand a success.

The process of brand engagement

Your brand needs to send a strong and consistent message to consumers about your company and its products. We have developed the following four-step process to accomplish this goal:

  • Adoption of the brand by your organization’s personnel
  • Launching your brand to the marketplace
  • Marketing your brand in the B2B environment
  • Using your brand to drive online traffic

The first and, according to the majority of branding experts, most important step in the success of your brand is its adoption and acceptance by your employees. Unless they understand and believe in the brand, it will be difficult for them to create a customer experience consistent with the message your brand should be sent to consumers.

YourBrand works closely with your organization to build an internal adoption of your brand before it is introduced to the world. We help your team with training, campaigns to promote team loyalty to the brand, and informational handouts and resources to develop awareness, acceptance, and pride in the company’s brand.

Taking your brand to the marketplace

Once a company’s employees are in sync with its brand, it is time to introduce it to the world. Launching your brand requires a combination of brand positioning and an awareness of what consumers in the marketplace need to address with your brand. Our team of branding experts develops a strategy with members of your organization for the launch of its brand that includes:

  • Creation of implementation schedules and tactical recommendations for your employees to follow
  • Establishment of goals, and schedules for meeting them, throughout the launch campaign
  • Recommendations for advertising and marketing strategies consistent with your budgetary constraints

The launch of a brand is only the beginning of its development. The brand strategy YourBrand provides for you is a carefully planned development of your brand to enhance its value over time through positioning and integration with your organization’s marketing team.

B2B Marketing

Marketing your brand in the B2B environment requires the assistance of a company with B2B branding experience. YourBrand understands the unique nature of B2B branding and marketing. Marketing tools that work in the consumer marketplace must be drastically altered or replaced with methods unique to marketing to the corporate client. Some of the marketing tools YourBrand offers include:

  • Videos, brochures, and templates promoting the brand
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Trade show presentations and productions
  • Digital and print marketing and advertising
  • Email marketing campaigns

B2B brand development relies heavily on the creation of an online presence for your brand. We specialize in creating and enhancing a company’s online presence to position its brand for maximum effect.

Using your brand to drive online traffic

Online searches are what bring consumers to your brand and the message it delivers about your company. We offer the following services to build your online presence:

  • Website design and development
  • Social media engagement
  • Search engine optimization
  • Marketing strategies and implementation

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