Brand Development

The process of brand development culminating in the launch of a new brand name can be both rewarding and, at the same time, incredibly frustrating. The rewards come when consumer response to your company and its products drives them to a leadership position in the market in which they compete. The frustration can follow you through every step of the process as you attempt to manage and run your company while trying to develop, approve and launch a brand name that will separate your company from the competition.


Whether you are developing a brand for a new organization or product, rebranding an existing company, or repositioning an existing brand, YourBrand takes away the frustration by allowing you to focus on the operation of your company. Our team of branding experts concentrates on developing a brand name that resonates with the message you want it to convey about your organization and its products.

YourBrand takes care of everything associated with development of your brand. We work with your team to help us know and understand your company and the place it holds with competitors, consumers and the marketplace in which it does business. We do this through a process that starts with a questionnaire.

Getting to know your company

We begin the brand development process with a questionnaire we ask you to complete about your company, its products and other information, including:

  • The mission and goals of your organization
  • Expectations your organization has for the name
  • Customer base profile
  • Your preferences for brand names you might like and names you do not want
  • Brand names currently in use by your competitors
  • Reasons you believe your competitors’ names are good or bad

The completion of the questionnaire provides us with a better understanding of your company and its products, but it also allows you and the key people in your organization to engage in a self-examination of who you are, where you want to go and how you plan to get there.

How the process works

We generate a list of available brand names based upon the information obtained from our analysis of the questionnaire and our discussions with your key personnel. If you cannot find a name from the list that meets your criteria, we will generate another list and continue finding names until you are satisfied with one of them.

Our experts work with you and your team to make certain that your brand name functions in all languages that you designate as important to your company and its products. We also screen all brand names to identify any trademark issues that might arise. Our creative team can help design an icon, logo and website that are consistent with your brand and that advance and develop it. The other services we offer include:

  • Developing a tagline consistent with your brand identity
  • Developing a brand identity
  • Building a brand strategy to allow you to manage your brands
  • Launch planning and implementation
  • Development of tools you can use to assess and evaluate the performance of your brand

YourBrand has the experience and a gifted staff to make your brand a success. Your brand is an asset that tells the world about your company and its products, and we have everything you need to set your brand apart from all others.