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Seeking the Ultimate Solution in Finding the Right Domain Name?
Look No Further

As a business owner, have you ever noticed that when an interesting brand name comes to mind the “.com” extension isn’t readily available…or, many times, isn’t even being used? Worse, ever note that the truly unique and effective brand-style names are scattered so thin that you, as an entrepreneur, need to browse hundreds of domain-crowded registrars to locate these rare gems?

Does the phrase “needle in a virtual haystack” – or, more appropriately, “the ideal name is a needle in a cyber-haystack” – come to mind?

Welcome to the YourBrand Experience…a Virtual Marketplace Changing All That

As a user-friendly service constantly working to bring traffic to domain listings, YourBrand is about MAKING CONNECTIONS to market YOUR brand. Whether it’s marketing at or advertising through industry trade shows or handpicking a domain by way of our expert staff seasoned in such matters, our goal is short and sweet: SELL YOUR BRAND.

We know business startups and entrepreneurs are always searching for great brand recognition. That’s why through the YourBrand Marketplace, domain owners can submit their domains to our site for sale or lease – if you own a domain that’s brandable, we are at your service to list and sell it! Better still, listing domains with us is totally free, with no charge for logo creation – the only fee is a 25-percent commission when a domain sells which covers all marketing costs associated with marketing YOUR BRAND.

Why we’re the Best Answer to Eliminating the “Cybersquatters”…and Much More

Have you ever heard the term “cybersquatter”? Much like you’d imagine, the reference relates to “idle domains” – that is, domain names that are simply not being used. However, there is some discrepancy between the definitions of “cybersquatters” or “domain squatters” and “Domainers.” Domainers are speculators of sorts, or investors, practiced in the buying and selling or domains in good faith, while cybersquatters, according to U.S. federal law, are those who register, traffic in or use a domain confusingly similar to a trademark or personal name.

The difference? One is a business opportunity while the other is illegal.

YourBrand seeks out the Domainers, ignores the cybersquatters and finds the valuable names before the entrepreneur is forced to. We have created a marketplace of quality, brandable “.com” domain names, each coming attached to a value-embedded, reasonably appraised price tag…in other words, no more “make an offer” shenanigans to deal with.

Essentially, we have filled in the buyer-owner communication gap while simultaneously eliminating price gouging in the world of online domain names. YourBrand is constantly working to collect formidable, brandable domain names under one roof in an organized “visual preview” fashion, thus allowing the entrepreneur to quickly discover names relevant to his or her market.

The experts at YourBrand have exhaustively studied what makes a domain name brandable. They have spent even more time sifting through all the names in our database to classify them by criteria – so that we could price them according to their brand value and make them simple to find and visualize.

Finally – The Ultimate Solution to Making an Online Brand Shopping Experience Fast, Easy and Affordable Has Arrived!